AISA and Society Manager - A Brief Overview

AISA combines a complete administrative information system with a full accounting system and an advanced POS for retail and food & beverage operations. Society Manager includes all the functionality of AISA and adds a complete events management package. Both programs include extensive information management functions, an accounts receivable module, an accounts payable module, a general ledger module, a time management module and an inventory module. Performing operations within one of these modules will quite often cause operations affecting the other modules to be executed.

The Master List with its attributes, links and user-defined tables is the basic database and administrative tool for your organization.

Go to Administrative Functions Overview for details.

  • Membership database
  • Dues - tracking and collection
  • Subscription management
  • Advertising
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Communications features
  • Committee information
  • Education and certification
  • Fund raising
  • Statistics and record keeping
Membership Database
Up to 6 addresses and ten phone numbers per record
Company URL, fax, phone & 2 e-mails
Unlimited capacity to record additional details, dates and descriptions relevant to your organization
Limit user access to selected records
Specify links and relationships between records
User-customizable data entry screens
Search on any combination of fields and attributes
Create complete profiles of individuals and organizations
Pull unlimited numbers lists or rosters from data base
Record, seach on and report any demographic or other data you can imagine

Dues Tracking & Collection
Creates either dues renewal notices or invoices at your option
Repeat billing options - monthly, quarterly, annually can be defined
Generates late payment reminders, suspension notices
Dues revenue, lapsed members, renewed members, new and renewed member revenue reports

Subscription Management
Publication details and subscription rates
Start date and "paid through" dates
Invoice and track subscription payments
Print renewal notices

Time Tracking & Reporting
Track time for staff, volunteers, instructors
Monitor and compare time on a project by project basis
Print time management reports
"Service" type inventory items automatically update time management table

Statistics and Record Keeping
Random record order generator for sampling, surveys - e.g. pick 300 randomly selected records from your 5000 associate members
Create, update and report unlimited numbers of statistical data fields
Export data to spreadsheets

Communications Features
Generate broadcast or targeted e-mail messages from within the program
Unlimited mail merge capability - not just names and addresses
Prints individual labels or lists of labels
Report generator can create and send faxes directly from program
Telephone canvass lists on hardcopy or interactive display
Record time, date and summary of phone conversations during conversation
Place follow-up commitments on to-do list with automatic reminders

Committee Information
Unlimited numbers of different committees
Record dates, locations, times of meetings
Record committee and sub-committee rosters
Send notifications, correspondence via email or fax to committee and sub-committee memberss

Education and Certification
Register students for courses
Record CE histories and credits
Track and record payments
Record instructor histories and qualifications
Track work and/or education history for certification
Print certification status reports for all members

Fund Raising
Raise and track pledges
Manage events with full or partial tax-exemptions
Use fax, mail and e-mail for fund-raising
Track pledges and print status reports
In-kind and cash pledges
Document income and issue receipts
Receipts may be gross amount or net of taxable benefit amount

The Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Order Entry and Event Registration functions link the master list with the General Ledger.

Go to Accounting Functions Overview for details.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
Accounts Receivable
Transactions (inventory, POS, sales order or event) automatically update the A/R ledger
A/R transactions automatically update the General Ledger
Generate invoices and receipts
Unlimited distribution on transactions
POS and Sales Orders automatically handle up to nine different sales taxes on each transaction
Multiple projects in a single transaction
Reports - Aged accounts receivable, activity summary and detail, POS X-report, receipts journal, bank deposit

General Ledger
Multiple open periods and full audit trail
Advanced query function
General Ledger updated automatically by A/R and A/P transactions
Compare actual and budgeted figures
Balance sheet to printer or spreadsheet
Income statement to printer or spreadsheet
Import budget data from Lotus, Quattro or Excel
Produce income statements and balance sheets for projects

Accounts Payable
Separate accounts payable ledger for each master list record
Transaction detail and summary on line
One step refunds for cancelled courses, returned items, etc.
Print cheques and create payment transactions in one step
Partial and progress payment cheques supported
Reports - aged accounts payable, purchases journal, cash disbursements journal, cheque preview, cheque register

Inventory Management
Record cash and "on account" sales
Print valuation reports for inventory in stock
Sales detail for inventory items available instantly
Asset and expense management of stock on hand handled automatically
Print sales or re-order reports
Three sales order entry interfaces available - master list sales order, inside sales order entry and touch-screen cash register
Personal service, non-stock, stock and serialized inventory items definable
Inventory items have attributes for unlimited definition of item properties, descriptions, measurements, etc.

The Events Management package in Society Manager tracks every detail of any series of activities such as conferences, tournaments, seminars or courses.

Go to Events Management Overview for details.

  • Facilities management
  • Trade shows
  • Conference management
Facilities Management
Track facilities and bookings
Print facilities table and notes

Trade Shows
Record details of trade booths available
Record details of booths booked
Invoice and track booth payments
Print booth specifications and bookings
Print show guide
Conference Management
Unlimited numbers of events managed simultaneously
Unlimited numbers of packages and activities per event
Pick event, package and optional individual activities from a single screen
Event registrations automatically create A/R transactions as required
Registrations may be cash, credit card, billed to customer or billed to third party
Print invoices and record payments
Print conference badges with name, organization on face, scheduled activities on rear, receipt on tear off fold
Print roster lists with payment status
Print roster lists by activity
Print income statements by event
Track hotel bookings

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