Lead Quality - How does it affect me?

The quality of the leads you submit is essential to your success. Here's how:

Remember, we don't expect you to sell AISA or Society Manager. That's our job. However, our resources are not infinite, so we have to pursue the leads with the best chance of success first, and this is where the quality of the leads you submit is important.

Every lead you submit is counted in your profile, and as we contact the people you have submitted we rate the quality of those leads. If the person contacted is not interested in any further contact, the lead gets a rating of zero. If the lead is interested in receiving further information (i.e. a demo, a brochure, a visit to our website, etc.) then that lead gets a rating of 1. Note that to get a rating of 1, the contact doesn't have to purchase the program; they just have to be in the market for a program like ours and be interested enough to follow up in some way.

Collectively your leads are used to generate a lead quality ratio for your profile. We do this by dividing the total number of rating points by the total number of leads submitted.

We create a marketing contact list every business day. This list consists of all the leads who have not yet been contacted but the list is ordered by the lead quality ratio of the submitter. Since the list is created fresh each day, a lead submitted by the submitter with the highest quality ratio will always appear at the top of the list and be contacted first. Therefore it's possible that the leads submitted by the marketer with a .001 quality ratio might not be contacted for weeks (if ever) while the leads submitted by a marketer with a quality ratio of .4 would be contacted the next business day.

This means that your best strategy is to submit leads a few at a time, and to ensure that the lead is actually in the market for the product in some way. The best way is to actually ask the contact. Just a quick question in a conversation (i.e. you're in a restaurant or club, at the cash, they're not using a POS or the one they're using looks obsolete, so you ask the cashier something like "Is your boss looking at replacing your POS?") is sufficient. If the answer to the question is anything like "Yes" or "I think so", that's a good lead, because chances are when we contact the person (the manager, not the cashier), they'll at least want more information.

The less successful strategy is to blindly submit every restaurant and club listed in the phone directory in your city. For example, if you were to submit the name of a thousand restaurants and clubs in your city, and we contacted the first five and only one of those contacts was actually interested in receiving more information, your lead quality ratio would be .001 (1 divided by 1000). On the other hand if you submitted five leads and we contacted all of them and two were interested in receiving more information then your lead quality ratio would be .4 (2 divided by 5).

Your lead quality ratio is yours and yours alone. It isn't affected by the lead quality ratios of your downstream marketers or by the lead quality ratios of your upstream referers.