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Technical support provides assistance in resolving problems that you are having using the program. This means that we'll do our best to fix any bugs in the system and provide you with an updated executable, to provide better explanations for functions or procedures where the explanation that is in the help file isn't clear or adequate and to note, and (solely at our discretion) implement additional functionality in the program where the functionality that exists doesn't adequately address a business issue.

Technical support does not provide design and implementation services. Design and implementation services cover the analysis of your business operation and the creation of attributes, user-defined tables, data entry windows and reports that are necessary to implement the information management and accounting structures that would be needed to implement your business operation in the system. These services are available (see Technical Services below) but they are chargeable.

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Technical Services

Technical services include the following:

Services may be delivered remotely or on your site. Technical services are charged at the rate of C$95.00 per hour (approximately $80.00 US) plus expenses. Customers requiring on-site service delivery are also charged for travel time, accommodations and incidentals.

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