I've got cash registers that work just fine. Why should I buy a computerized POS system?

There are two major reasons:

You're losing money.

You're working harder than you need to.

1. You're losing money.

2. You're working harder than you need to.

Okay, but why should I buy AISA Club Manager?

There's really only one answer to this question. AISA Club Manager represents by far the best value for the money.

We've worked with dozens of club managers to create a system with the functionality needed by clubs and we've succeeded. Our system is easy to learn, easy to use, powerful, flexible and an all-round excellent value. Even more surprising, it's quite affordable.

We're not the most inexpensive POS/accounting system out there. There are retail POS systems that are cheaper, and there are even a few restaurant systems that are cheaper, but in the club management market you need a retail POS and a restaurant POS and a back office accounting system and a Customer Relationship Management system all rolled into one. That's what we give you.

Of course, we're not alone in the club management market. There are a number of very good club management systems that provide similar functionality to AISA Club Manager but AISA costs five to twenty times less than they do. If you're operating a Golf and Country Club, Yacht Club or Ski Club, you can't do better than AISA Club Manager.

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